Bernard Edwards

Bernard Edwards

Good Times

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Dance Dance Dance (Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah)

Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance (Live At The Budokan)

Chic & Sister Sledge - I Want Your Love

Bernard Edwards was the man where funk/soul/disco bass lines were concerned, his best work being heard with the likes of Chic and Sister Sledge.
Bassline Publishing produce a 20 song tab book with all the best of Edwards' bass-lines (not available in US). Bernard originally played a BC Rich Eagle - the modern budget version is shown in the photo below. However he is better known for his association with the Music Man Stingray bass - the original is now owned by John Taylor of Duran Duran (bequethed to John in Bernard's will).

BC Rich Eagle bass

CAGED4BASS - C major scale box shapes


Can the CAGED octaves memorisation method be directly applied to the 4-string bass guitar?

Answer: Yes - but not without some serious lateral thinking.

The problem is that the 4-string bass has one too few strings to allow a standard CAGED octaves system to be generated (this is not the case with the 5 and 6-string bass guitars - see BLOGoZON No. 60 and
BLOGoZON No.62 respectively for details). Additionally the original CAGED guitar system is based upon the chaining-together of the open position chord shapes C A G E D and obviously these are NOT available on a 4-string bass guitar.
To overcome this problem a NULL string needs to be introduced i.e. an imaginary extra string. Rather than go with the 5-string bass and introduce an extra low B string the CAGED octaves approach will be to adopt the first string from a 6-string bass i.e. an imaginary high C string (this will also tie the two instruments together in a coherant manner for future use.)

NOTE: the extra string is not tuned to B (as would the comparison with a standard 6-string guitar) since the gap between ALL the strings will be a PERFECT FOURTH ( unlike the MAJOR THIRD between the guitar's 3rd and 2nd strings) since chords will not be played. The 4-string bass fingerboard plus the extra NULL string would take on the appearance of the drawing that follows:-

NULL string fretboard

Now rather than name the octave shapes after the open position chord shapes - they will instead be named after the open string names - including the imaginary null string tuned to C. The diagram that follows shows the resultant CAGED4BASS methodology.

4bass CAGED octaves

GuitarPro6 C natural octaves

The five octave shapes that are generated are explored in detail in the tabbed panel that follows:-

CAGED4BASS - C major scale box shapes

Guitar Pro 6 icon






3C* at 12

  • 3C*
  • 3A1
  • 4G1
  • 4E2
  • 2D*
  • 3C* at 12

3C* box

3A1 box

4G1 box

4E2 box

2D* box

3C* box at 12

This BLOGoZON is dedicated to the memory of the man that made me want to pick up the bass guitar and play that funky music white boy a few famous others.....John Deacon.

Mr Bernard Edwards RIP

Sister Sledge

I wonder why he's the greatest dancer
....Zon Brookes

The very best of Chic